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Who am I?

I'm a front-end developer dangerously close to being full stack. Over my years of development I've written code in over a dozen languages, with 6 of those languages practiced in the past year. From CSS/HTML/JS to Swift, GAS and BASH I've been able to change my development stack to meet my project needs. But what am I most practiced in? CSS/HTML/JS of course! Where I feel my real value comes from is my architecting and system design theory which I've proven time and again is efficient, productive and is insightful as possible.

Some recent praise!

2015-2017 has been a very exciting time for me! Working at an amazing place like Blue Acorn allowed me the opportunity to work in a dynamic growing environment. One brilliant trend they set within the company was internal recognition of their employees. At first this praise was informal until a technical solution was put in place for the task. Welcome Teamphoria.

During my time with Blue Acorn I was the most publicly praised Front-End developer on staff. Every month I strived to push production and quality farther and every month people recognized my worth to a development team. Whether it was interactions with clients, account managers, project managers or other developers I made sure I did my best to make sure everyone could succeed.

Just how diverse am I?

I glad you asked! In the past year alone I worked on a company's first automated continuous integration QA system using Docker containers, led a company's first augmented staff project that spanned 3 continents, created the first command line Magento2 automated installer using BASH, was recognized by ECG (the Magento consultant group) for UI innovation suggestions and bug reporting, and even won our yearly comany pool tournament.

I'd be remiss to not acknowledge that this does sound braggadocious but it could not be farther from it. There's only 2 things that drive me to work on a project day in day out. One, what is the right answer. Two, can I work hard to excel and make others around me successful in the process.

If you enjoyed my about section please take the time to review my past projects that are a eclectic showcase of a talented individual!

It takes a community to raise a developer

I also enjoy teaching and strongly believe in the affects of pair developing, mentoring and recitations of previously learned theories. Below are some examples and articles I've written to help my fellow developers and teammates.

FROM: Nothing is Magic JS - General Section

FROM: Nothing is Magic CSS - Non-Preprocessors

FROM: Nothing is Magic JS - Patterns

I love learning!

Beyond web and software development I love learning new things. Whether its a new language's concepts and syntax, theory of new patterns, integration and process techniques or simply a new Photoshop trick I truly enjoy adding new information to my growing arsenal of technological skills. Below are just a small group of projects and skills I have learned recently and applied in a real world scenario.

Btw, yes... I did build the pong game you played above!

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complyJS - An automated ADA system

  • JS
  • XML

ComplyJS is currently being used in a minimum of 3 multi-million dollar revenue earning companies across 3 continents. The issue was simple; fix a project behind schedule, over budget, under bidded and make sure the client is not legally liable for failure to abide by AA ADA compliance.

With this task handed to me I dug diligently into an add on solution to fix the problems. What occurred was the creation of a JS library than when loaded would handle aria-label tags, alt tags, font-sizing issues, color contrast issues and allow for dynamic menu tabbing without the need for any additional CSS, HTML or PHP.

Current companies who are using this system are: Dean & Deluca, LeCreuset America, LeCreuset Global.

Trawler - A QA Continuous Integration system

  • JS
  • BASH
  • PHP

Trawler was actually a surprise, pleasure and complete challenge to work on. After 6 months working at BlueAcorn and after the release of my BAM2 system the company's senior DevOps engineer, Brice Burgess, chose me to lead the QA department and company in an automated QA system development project.

The idea to the system seemed simple but the complexity of all parts involved was definitely underestimated by myself when I initially took on the project. In the end the result was JS based Cucumber system supported with Docker containers and integrated into an already present Jenkins deployment pipeline. Equally as important to continuous integration was the addition of a living documentation system that allowed end-users, developers and employees to allow be kept abreast of the latest information of a site instance.

While the development side was impressive, just as much was the BDD process being implemented through the project management side of the company. This allowed me the opportunity to not only develop but to work directly with business analysts, account managers and functional department managers to transform BRDs(Business Requirement Documents), UAT(User Acceptance Testing) and User documentation documents into a coherent, aligned vision, system.

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Twin Stick Hell - Proof of concept Swift3 app/game

  • Swift3

Twin Stick Hell actually started as a Swift3 Dungeons & Dragons companion app to promote social interaction and allow for games to be held outside of one room. While playing with the physics system built into Spritekit an idea for a game similar to smashTV from the SNES days came to mind. Needless to say it didn't take long to convince 3 other fellow game nerds to switch direction and begin a fresh start with an idea we're still developing to this day.

Currently development schedule for the game is a bit hectic but the end goal after an initial 8 level single player campaign is the inclusion a 2 player PVP system. Art assets for the development portion or licensed under GPLU and the end product is also expect to be a learning device for other Swift developers interested in 2D Spritekit development and will be licensed under a non-commercial public license.

BAM2 - Magento 2 CLI installer and custom LESS framework

  • BASH
  • JS
  • LESS
  • PHP

BAM2 was an idea built out of neccessity. Magento2 had just been released and was notoriouly harder to set up than the previous version. Not only was installing the platform more difficult but the FED CSS pre-processing was horribly architected. Mixins, loops and evals that just cluttered an otherwise improved platform made rapid setup, deployment, developing and prototyping a sinkhole of time for someone that was not in the system everyday.

The idea at first was simple, build an installer. It grew to include an import database method,system dependency check, composer update system and full fledge auxillary support LESS framework to make work easier and development projects more stable.

While BAM2 was being made interaction with SnowDog Apps with the LESS-to-SASS conversion projects was made on a weekly basis. Learning from development teams pushing the boundaries of a system in order to compliment their workflow was one lesson I'll never forget from this project.

bam2 automated installer logo

Do more,
worry less.

That's what I can do for you.

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Hey! I'm Brian Ellis!

I pride myself on being an enterprise level Front End architect and Full Stack developer. I've worked with clients as big as Reeds Jewelers, Everlast and LeCreuset all the way down to ideas as a simple usb/solar pen lamp.

Professionally I've been a developer for over 11 years with hundreds of websites and successful launches to my credit. I've worked as a junior developer, senior developer and even a Technical Director for small firms, large firms, sole propietorships and 3-to-4 man teams.

What I bring to the table for a company is not just my development experience. Through the years of professional growth I've acquired an extensive background in inbound sales, marketing, graphic design and video production and editing. One thing I've always done is to make sure if I can help in more ways than one to make a project successful I will.

Awards, Certifications & Accomplishments

Yeah, I'm pretty cool ;)

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