What is RAPyD?

RAPyD was a 48hr side-project (test really) for myself to see if I could rebuild my previous system (Frostbite) from scratch cleaner and in a more useful manner while still retaining all of the functionality I had designed for Frostbite. The build doesn't just include what's rendered in the browser, although this site is ran using RAPyD. In fact the system goes much deeper with automated module installation and updates coinciding with:

  1. a CI/CD built from AWS CodeDeploy, BASH scripting and several other technologies.
  2. Automated routing mechanisms for pages, with an Admin side redirect definement tool for additional customization.
  3. Full modular integration that is abstract from the core system. This was done without a vendor package manager, instead opting to build my own to simplify and contain the technologies.
  4. Front-end rapid scaffold system with focuses on optimization such as: minimizing HTTP requests, linting and obfuscation of code, decreasing page size, automating ADA and SEO compliancy in the markup, and other tweaks that could become exhaustive to list.
  5. I could list more stuff but wouldn't you rather play around with the site to see what can be accomplished in 48hrs?

The admin dashboard you're reviewing right now are some of the actual screens from the system albeit back-end authorization allowing for actions as these screens are for demo purposes only for non-logged in users.

What makes RAPyD Different?

RAPyD is built from scratch utilizing the Laravel 6.x framework. It's predecessor Frostbite was built on Laravel 5.7. But why does this matter? Both systems force to know some code when working in a development department which increases stability and conformity. That's from a business postivie perspective. For myself personally? The system was built by continually cribbing the most effective and stable techniques and plugins that I've come across over decades.

I do use inspirations from already published front-end designs but I choose to strip front-end CSS and JS libraries to their bare minimum. Bootstrap may only have the grid and table partials in the system. Rarely does a outside JS library get installed, instead I prefer to crib the functions and integrate them with the RAPyD JS library to keep conformity and stability to the best quality possibly.

* Stripping of the system to the core parts was not able to be done in 48hrs, steps past proof-of-concept is when this occurs.

The system is curation and evolution of everything I've seen good and/or bad from CMS and other user dashboard controlled systems. These include but aren't limited to:

  1. Joomla!
  2. Drupal
  3. Moodle
  4. InvisionBoard
  5. PowerBB
  6. Wordpress
  7. Magento 1 & 2
  8. Hopefully we're getting the point a lot of experience goes into RAPyD originating from a strictly personal goal to create a extremely performant system, not to make a lot of money because of refining other's ideas.

Where Will It Go From Here?

RAPyD will continue being built. It's the only system and set of ideas I've never shared with a company. The first 48hrs was to just see how quickly and beneficial refining all of the orignally refined ideas, in Frostbite, again would be. Currently the system can maintain and cohesively cloud host an unlimited amount of applications with no future worries a client places a new Wordpress plugin on the site or a developer, outside of hacking, has submitted non-compliant module attempting to work in the system.


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